Advocacy requires allies


Mission. Vision. Dedication.

Founded in 2001, CTJJA is a team of fiercely dedicated advocates working to ensure the safe, fair, and effective treatment of youth who may become involved in the juvenile justice system.

We are proud of the progress made thus far, but we cannot afford to be complacent or naïve: Connecticut still has one of the country’s highest levels of racial disparity, detaining an out-sized number of children of color relative to their peers. It is imperative that we push for further structural reforms – particularly those that address racial and ethnic disparities – while at the same time ensuring that ever-present political and budgetary headwinds do not undermine the gains already made.


Prioritizing Youth Voices

Going forward, CTJJA’s primary role will be to guide and support directly-impacted youth as they take back their own narrative and speak on their own behalf.

Our first step on that path was the 2017 launch of the Justice Advisors. In addition to our shared mission of ending the criminalization of youth, the Justice Advisors pursue the principal objective of meaningfully incorporating voices and experiences of community experts into all discussions around juvenile justice policy, practice, and reform.


Partner Organizations

Over the past 18 years, we have been lucky enough to work alongside leaders in the juvenile justice space. Our coalition includes a variety of organizations that each specialize on distinct issues and tactics essential to systematic and structural reform.

These allies bring expertise in community services, education, family advocacy, housing, legal representation, LGBTQIA advocacy, mental / behavioral health, public policy, substance abuse, and more.