BREAKING NEWS: CT Juvenile Training School Officially Closed (Ahead of Schedule)

Cell block at CJTS in Middletown  (Source: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant)

Cell block at CJTS in Middletown (Source: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant)


Today, Connecticut has become the first state to close its last large youth prison in the juvenile justice system.

It is an important and good day for the children, families, and communities of Connecticut. We are grateful for all the hard work everyone has done to make this a reality. The closure of the Connecticut Juvenile Training School marks a beginning, not an end. As a community, Connecticut needs to invest the time, money, and resources into ensuring a full array of services is built to guarantee the best outcomes for youth, families and public safety. This continuum of care needs to be co-created in partnership with the young people, families, and communities of Connecticut that have been benefactors of the juvenile justice system.

We applaud and celebrate Connecticut and its leaders for being on the forefront of many progressive changes in the juvenile justice system. We applaud YOU for the time and energy you have put into advocating on behalf of our youth

CTJJA remains motivated and steadfast in its commitment to ending the criminalization of children in Connecticut. Our staff will continue to shine a light on and magnify the issues that need to be corrected in the juvenile justice system in order to improve outcomes for youth and families. While closure of the Training School is a monumental move for Connecticut, it certainly is not the time to become idle. CTJJA and its allies (like you) will remain a force in ensuring that youth do not enter the juvenile justice system, and if they do, that they receive treatment that is fair, teaches new skills, and offers a chance for a fresh start.

CTJJA Fellow