A New & Exciting Partnership: CTJJA and the Justice Advisors


Who are the Justice Advisors?

The Justice Advisors are currently a group of 6 expert leaders from Connecticut, 22-33 years old. Some have had past juvenile and criminal justice experience, some have family members who have been impacted by these systems.

CTJJA began working with these expert leaders in October of 2017 with a kickoff event hosted by Youth First Initiative in Boston. Numerous states came together with their young adult and adult leaders with system experience to form a Youth Leaders Network. This network is responsible for transforming the juvenile justice system in each of their states.

The Justice Advisors are working to begin conversations in communities and schools to discuss what resources are needed in neighborhoods, what is working well, and bring remarks to the Connecticut legislature, as well as other leaders, and those forming the continuum of care in Connecticut. The goal is creating a system that works well for those that are in it and when they exit it.

The goal of the Justice Advisors is to work statewide, however, they have begun working in Bridgeport because that is where most of them are from. They intend to branch out to Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, and the outlying cities and towns.

On January 12, 2018, CTJJA and the Justice Advisors met with the Judicial Branch: Court Support Services Division to discuss what has been working in the juvenile justice system, what is not working, and a large conversation about what the Justice Advisors would like to see included in Connecticut's continuum of care. Please check out the pictures below!

For history of how and why we began actively partnering with people that have lived experience to begin informing our policy and advocacy agenda -- check back next week!

If you would like to get involved in working with the Justice Advisors or have questions, please send a note to christina@ctjja.org.

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