our staff


Abby Anderson //

Executive Director

I fight for juvenile justice reform because systemic inequities can only exist as long as we allow them to. I’m proud of the successes that CTJJA has had, and the allies we have made.

That said, we cannot afford to be complacent or naïve: Connecticut still has one of the country’s highest levels of racial disparity with respect to juvenile detention. It is imperative that we push for further structural reforms, while ensuring that political and budgetary headwinds do not undermine the gains we have already made.


Christina Quaranta //

Deputy Director

I push for juvenile justice reform that recognizes youth as the most important stakeholders. More broadly, I am committed to dismantling systemic racial inequity across CT so all our kids can be free to realize their potential.

The youth and families I get to work with — as well as the communities I served as a Family Advocate prior to joining CTJJA — are a constant inspiration. I want their voices to be heard, respected, and incorporated into the policy discussions that will impact their lives.


Iliana Pujols //

Director of Community Connections

My role at CTJJA allows me to speak directly to policymakers, which demonstrates to all system-involved youth that their voices matter too. Communities impacted by the juvenile justice system have unique and valuable perspectives on reform, and Hartford needs to hear from them.

I am also a member of the Youth First Leaders Network, an alumna of Public Allies CT, and a member of the Annie E. Casey Youth Advisory Council.