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upcoming bill: H.B. 7332 …we strongly oppose it!

The Bill:

“An Act Concerning Public Safety and the Welfare of Repeat Juvenile Offenders and their Victims” (H.B. 7332)

The Hearing:

Tuesday, March 12th at 11am - Public Safety and Security Committee Hearing, Room 2A of Legislative Office Building

The Facts:

This bill would make it easier for prosecutors to try juveniles as adults, a practice we oppose for many reasons, including:

  • Research shows that putting juveniles in adult jail does not improve public safety, it increases recidivism among juvenile offenders

  • Youth of color are far more likely to be transferred to adult court than white youth, simply because of the color of their skin

  • The legislature should be funding community-based diversion strategies with the money they saved closing CJTS

  • Several other states have piloted anti-car-theft programs that don’t involve trying youth as adults...those programs should be the model

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