Bridgeport Chapter 


Jermaine Cora

I am motivated to be a Justice Advisor because most of my friends have been to jail, and grew up in the streets. As a young hispanic male in the community, I want not only to better myself, but to motivate local youth.

Doing this work allows me to learn more about criminal justice law and how the various systems function so that I can work to end things like police brutality.


Quanesha Gibbs

I became a Justice Advisor because at one point I was in the hands of the juvenile justice system: I know first-hand what could be done better, and I believe my knowledge can help change the system for future generations.

My role as a Justice Advisor is to be part of positive changes that can improve how young people live today.


Romelo “Melo” Goss

My own first-hand experience with the system motivates me to make my voice heard, especially by the people in charge of what juvenile justice should look like.

Outside of my work as a Justice Advisor, I train as a boxer. I plan to go pro this year.


Tiana Krause

As a Justice Advisor I want to promote progressive juvenile justice reforms that prioritize rehabilitation over punishment. Negative reinforcement further traumatizes inmates, increasing the likelihood of recidivism.

I am an administrative intern at Bridgeport Gen Now; and Executive Director of Bridgeport Student Voice, a youth-led organization providing a support network to local students.


Kye Pettway

I’ve had a lot of friends and family go through the system when they were young, only to have that charge follow them through life. Mistakes they made as kids prevent them from changing their path for the better.

As a Justice Advisor, I am learning more about juvenile justice so I can help other POC rise from the system instead of continuing to fall.


Tatiyana Whitley

As youth, we tend to underestimate our own worth and the value we can bring to juvenile justice policy. The Justice Advisors program reminds those who have been in the system that they still have a chance.

My goal is to raise community awareness around youth incarceration and to promote reforms that improve the experiences of youth in prison.

ja alumni: founding Members


Aquil Crooks

I was born and raised in Bridgeport, and still live there currently.

My primary goal is to end gun violence in the community, a mission I have pursued not only by being a co-founder of the Justice Advisors, but through my work with two other local programs: Street Safe and Project Longevity.


Shamare Holmes


Shaneese Pettway


Iliana Pujols


Yancy Singleton